Dorothy Peters Pottery

Made In USA

Clay can be rigid, forgiving, surprising, exciting, and frustrating.  Even so, I live for the anticipation of kiln openings, when I have tried to control it all, but in the end, the clay, glaze and kiln have the final say.  I am delighted, perplexed, challenged, and astonished by the results, and then back at it again.  Is it an addiction, obsession, or passion?  Maybe all of the above.
As I continue to explore the fascinating world of pottery I challenge myself to keep trying many new techniques and styles.  It is very gratifying to make functional pottery, especially the completion of a specifically requested piece. While I am enjoying the stability of making functional pottery, I also find the erratic, random, fickle and volatile process of raku, saggar and other types of alternative firings exhilarating. 
Always aware of my surroundings, I draw inspiration from nature close to home here in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains.  I strive to have a special hint of nature in my pottery, sometimes as subtle as color or as obvious as an impressed piece of nature on the piece.  My studio has a window that looks out at Mt. Rose and Slide Mountain; one can’t have a more picturesque inspiration.  I am very fortunate live here in Reno, Nevada, and to continue to explore all that pottery has to offer.

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