W Jean Art

Made In USA

I was born in Cedarville California and grew up in this small farming community nestled between the border of the Nevada desert and the beautiful Warnner Mountains. 
My Great Grandmother was an old pioneer, gold miner and town constable after her husband cut his wick too short and blew himself up mining. I was named after their daughter (my grandmother) Waneva Pearce, a native of Nevada from Duck Flat, an area outside of the Black Rock desert.  Our name derived from a combination of Washoe and Nevada. 
My art interest came early due to my Grandmother being a self taught artist herself. I get most of my inspiration from nature as well as from emotions that come from my experiences and surrounding. My passion for painting flows throw me with feeling via the brush and the colors flowing onto the canvas! 
Nothing excites me more than the smell of oil paint, although I do work with a variety of mediums and techniques including acrylic, tile, oil and mixed media.  The healing powers of art forever inspire me to paint and be surrounded by works of art and expressions of infinity! 

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