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Purple Goddess Design

Made In USA

Everyone knows that premium ingredients make a huge difference, both in baked goods, and in hand-knits. Few things bring more happiness and contentment than really great baked goods and gorgeous custom dyed yarn, but let’s face it, we don’t all have the time or the right tools.In my former life as a pastry chef, I learned from the best and had plenty of opportunities to bake professionally.

Once I moved on to a different career, I developed a great love of knitting, but nothing replaced baking for me, and now I'm combining the two! No, no! Not high fiber cupcakes.  Wonderful hand dyed fiber and yarn, professional quality, in small batches fresh for you – and high quality tools for knitting like hand-crafted stitch markers and row counters.  

So come on by, fall in love with the pictures, dream of some amazingly colorful treats, let your imagination run wild with ideas of what colors you could knit up next and place your order now!  

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