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Sawdust Alpacas

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Wow - what a change the past 3 yeas have brought.  We are all older, of course.  Hopefully, we are wiser and still enjoying our "retirement adventure". 
We started with 3 pregnant females and a 1 year old maiden.  We now have grown to a herd of 27 of our own and 1 agisted (taking care of for the owners) male.  Needless to say, we have added more shelters, converting one to a mare barn with a vet pen and halter system, which allows us to more easily trim toes and teeth.
Glenn took a shearing class early in 2012 from a professional shearer.  So, in May, with a lot of help from family and friends, we sheared our own alpacas. Glenn also sheared some llamas belonging to some friends.  In the middle of shearing the llamas, Miss Rosie decided to give birth to her 1st cria - 13.8 lb reddish brown little girl that we named Mahogany (Awnee for short). 
Our most enjoyable experience was participating in a farmers market. On Sundays, we will set up a pen and booth, take a couple alpacas, fiber, yarn and products to educate visitors on our wonderful alpacas, and the process of shearing to finished product.  We have a great time and meet lots of interesting people.
2012 Updates:
We lost our Miss Alleghany, the mother of Miss Rosie, Cocobolo, Gidgee and grandmother to Miss Awnee.  So far in 2013 we have added a girl and boy cria to our herd.  We have 6 more pregnant moms for 2013 crias.  So stay tuned for more updates. 
2013 updates:
 We have 5 crias (4 boys and 1 girl) this year.  We have done the farmers market often but not like last year.  We participated in the Alpaca Blanket Project, Alpaca Fiber CoOp of North American.  We will be going to our 1st AOBA certified Halter Show in October with Mahogany and BeFlirty.  Wish us luck!.  We have sold 4 animals on contract, traded 1 male for a female and have had 5 animals that we are agisitng this year.  We have done some special projects with knitting and crocheting.  It has been a busy year. 

2014 Updates:                                                                                                We sold a rose grey yearling at the International Alpaca Odyssey. We are rehabbing a 2 1/2 month old cria that had a bad leg infection. It's doing very well and almost ready to go home. We've birthed 3 crias as of July with more on the way. 2 were sired from The Black Medallion and the other from our Black Velvet. 

Check our our growing herd! We are on Facebook, Open Herd.com, and have had several articles and ads published in Alpaca Culture Magazine as well as several others. Come see us at the ranch.

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