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What Is the Play Unplugged Challenge?

It’s actually pretty simple… for 10 days, don’t watch TV, play any video games or watch media of any kind. A complete media detox or as we refer to it, a V-tox. Those who have completed this challenge have said it completely changes their perspective on violence in media. They say watching TV or video games is not only more intense but disturbing and sometimes very uncomfortable to watch. So not only does the science back up the benefits of a media V-Tox but also those who’ve completed the challenge swear by it.

Turning It Off For 10 Days!

It can be hard… to some, almost impossible! Your approach will determine everything. Whatever you do, don’t give up!

Our V-Tox Challenge is designed to help reset the brain so that Dopamine levels are reduced and critical pathways are rebuilt. Research has indicated that in as little as 5-7 days, the effects of not watching media is already measurable.

Changing Behavior

Now what? You’ve read the research. You’re wanting to give this a try or you want to get your kids onboard. What do you do? How do you avoid a response like the picture above? Often times the best way to change behavior is to focus on the positive. Rather then making this all about what your kids shouldn’t be doing (watching TV, playing video games) focus on what they could be doing instead.

This is where our Brag Badge program comes in play. This program makes deciding what your kids could be doing so much easier. On the other hand, if you’re looking forward to a summer full of “Mom…. I’m bored“, then by all means, stop reading now.

How Many Brag Badges Will You Earn This Summer?

We’ve teamed up with businesses all over the community. Some of the ways you can earn Play Unplugged Brag Badges include:

  • Feed the ducks
  • Host a family BBQ
  • Have a picnic in a city park
  • Swim in a lake
  • Go stargazing
  • … Plus many many more

Keep track of all your Play Unplugged Brag Badges by putting them on your very own Play Unplugged Lanyard. Don’t have a lanyard? Don’t worry, just stop by the Chamber of Commerce to pick one up.

So start picking which Brag Badges you want to earn this summer and get busy!

For information on Brag Badges - CLICK HERE

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Play Unplugged helps kids PLAY. It does so by encouraging active lifestyles and promoting healthy activities. What makes this program so effective? Simply put, it gives bored kids and busy parents something to do all summer long, it gives participants something tangible to collect, but most importantly it involves the entire community.