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Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of harmonizing human existence with the surrounding environment. Without delving too deeply into the philosophy, Feng Shui focuses on the placement of objects in a room (or a building, or even a desk!) in order to facilitate a strong flow of positive energy in that space. Pictured above is a Bagua Map, something to assist practitioners of Feng Shui orient furniture. Notice how everything has its place. Even if you don’t believe in the concept of chi, Feng Shui provides a new perspective on decorating your home, and Cindy’s Creations can help stage your rooms to reflect this. Your surroundings do affect you, and having a strong sense of order and priority (especially at your work desk) can spur you to success.

One major change you can make in your workplace is to face your desk toward, and place it directly opposite of the doorway. This is called a “commanding position”, and allows you to better see opportunities during your career.

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