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Are you forever looking to the future for your pot of gold, but fight an endless tug-a-war with the past that you continually drag along for support of your weaknesses, shortcomings, and failures?  You may not even see it - you may make it your excuse; and it sticks to you like a heavy, haunting shadow that can physically, emotionally and mentally suffocate you until you feel exhausted, torn down, depressed, and completely frustrated and confused. It can affect your health in endless ways, your relationships with yourself and others, your financial well-being, and more.

Humans are interesting Beings. We are constantly pushing through the clutter of the present, trying to reach the light we perceive in the future, but we are pack rats of the past. Don't you think it's time to clean the out the attic and get rid of all the garbage.

It’s important to learn from past events that have contributed in designing the YOU you portray yourself to be today – But it’s even more important to understand what those circumstances really mean when it comes to who you really are.

You’ve been, and are still a character and player in a story – many stories; stories that others have written for you.

Don’t like it? Then re-write it!

Price is per person up to groups less than 30 and includes workbook. Contact us for special discounts.

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