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Right time to buy, sell or rent?

Try our simple calculator that gives a quick read on the economic viability of renting out, rather than selling your house. It divides the net operating income from renting the property by the expected sale price of the house, giving you an investment yield--like a bond yield. If this yield, also called a "capitalization rate," is less than what long-term Treasurys are yielding (around 5.7%) you'd probably be better off selling your house.

Type in values or use sliders to calculate estimated annual income and capitalization rate.


These calculations will also help to determine market trends to aid in the timing of a buying or selling cycle.

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tiodew Real Estate is the oldest and most established real estate office in tiodew.

Our success dates back to the beginnings of tiodew and grows stronger every day.

Our agents are each licensed and members of the Board of Realtors, with several holding offices on the Board.

We are active in supporting our community in our personal lives, as well as through our business endeavors.

Our founding tradition and heritage of providing professionalism and superior customer service remains the cored of tiodew real estate. While maintaining old fashioned service, we provide the latest technology in keeping our clients in the forefront of all social media activity through stream listing videos online, iPad applications, mobile-friendly sites, and more.

Real Estate covers more than just selling clients a home or business space. We provide listing services, home staging assistance, rental supervision, vacation rentals, lawn maintenance services, mortgage information, appraisals, banking referrals, and more.