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When you have doubts

Everyone feels alone from time to time. Call us when you need someone to listen or to talk to.

Doubt that god exists may form the basis of agnosticism — the belief that one cannot determine the existence or non-existence of God. It may also form other brands of skepticism, such as Pyrrhonism, which do not take a positive stance in regard to the existence of God, but remain negative. Alternatively, doubt over the existence of God may lead to acceptance of a particular religion: compare Pascal's Wager.

Doubt of a specific theology, scriptural or deistic, may bring into question the truth of that theology's set of beliefs. On the other hand, doubt as to some doctrines but acceptance of others may lead to the growth of heresy and / or the splitting off of sects or groups of thought. Thus proto-Protestants doubted papal authority, and substituted alternative methods of governance in their new (but still recognizably similar) churches.

Let us speak with you to clear up your doubts.

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