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Dengeki Daisy Volume 2

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Terus friends congratulate her, erroneously assuming that she is now with the blond custodian, but nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, hes acting rather strange. He confides to his boss at Flower Garden his fears, that Teru will learn the truth, that he is Daisy, and he wont be able to take care of her any more. Teru comes home to find Kurosaki not there, and she starts to go into his room, but he returns just in time, and is frantic thinking that she saw something. She swears she didnt, so he tells her his room is filled with s&m and porn, just to keep her from going into it. She thinks she must be in his way, so she announces shes going home. However, when she does, everything is in such bad shape, that she is sorry she did, and she wishes Kurosaki would come for her and take her back home. To his place, that is. A knock at the door excites her, til it turns out to be a pervert selling magazine subscriptions she cant afford but who wont take no for an answer! Ohoh, what now?

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