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MTG Rise of the Eldrazi

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Rise of the Eldrazi is the third expansion to the Zendikar cycle and is a complete reboot of the block. This set is peculiarly large, as it contains 248 cards total. Where Zendikar and Worldwake focused on a land theme, Rise of Eldrazi takes the set in a completely opposite direction. Worldwake alluded to the destruction to come, with the Eye of Ugin, now the seal that imprisoned the Eldrazi has been broken and the titans are ravaging this mana rich plane.

The three Eldrazi titans Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, and Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre now roam Zendikar devouring the mana and energy along with there twisted brood lineage, drones of these infinite beings.

The new mechanics that are introduced in this set are to reflect the devastation caused by the Eldrazi on Zendikar. This set includes: Annihilator, Rebound, Totem Armor, Level Up, and Colorless Eldrazi creatures and spells. Also, in Rise of the Eldrazi there are two new Planeswalkers, the introduction of Gideon Jura and the return of Sarkhan as Sarkhan the Mad that have been added into the chaos.

Now, the forces of this plane must stop these ancient monsters from destroying everything in their path.

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