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When you leave your employer...

When you leave an employer you pass along all the important files, turn in
your office key, parking pass, ID badge and leave your e-mail address
behind. The one thing that you need to think about long and hard before you
leave it with your former employer is your Retirement money: 401(k), profit
sharing, 403(b), TSP, etc. Yet almost forty percent of departing employees,
ages 60 to 65 (and an even higher percentage of the younger ages), leave
their retirement money in their former employers' plans.
You stay put because you may feel a sense of loyalty, are unsure of how to
transfer these moneys to another plan, are fearful of assuming direct
responsibility for the investments, or simply are not aware that you can
move all or some of the money. You should know that not taking your
retirement money when you leave could jeopardize your future in retirement.
In what follows, we'll discuss the pros and cons of taking your money with
you and what you should do if you decide to move, or roll over, your pension

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