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Reverse Osmosis

We offer the reverse osmosis drinking water system for $1.00 day with no contract. Just month to month rental. All filter changes and maintenance are included in the monthly fee. Boyett family Rayne Water Conditioning will send you a notice every 12 months to have us service the system.

We will bring a fresh unit and switch this out every year. This includes the storage tank. Our systems include a leak controller device which will shut off the water supply if any leaks occur. It also makes an audible alarm sound.

Renting the reverse osmosis unit will save time and money for you with peace of mind that the quality of water you are drinking is of high quality.

Our friendly and experienced staff strives to give the best service in the valley. We offer free estimates and water tests at your home or place of business.

- Sincerely, Troy Phillips, Service Manager at Boyett's Rayne Water for over 18 years. Call me today, (480) 969-7251

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning's Reverse Osmosis systems provide healthy, pure and great-tasting water into homes just like yours everyday.

In the past, the flow of Reverse Osmosis water out of the faucet may have been slow. Today the water nearly gushes out of our faucets. Great for filling pans for cooking!

Our systems are built to last, designed to supply you and your family with unlimited premium drinking water, and the pure water can be used for more than just drinking, as for icecubes, cooking, humidifiers and clothes irons.

Best of all, your Rayne RO system will save you money from the moment you begin to use it.

Why Reverse Osmosis If I have a water softener?

* A water softener removes Calcium Magnesium.
* A Reverse Osmosis system reduces or removes total dissolved solids (all the junk in the water) such as Chlorine, Lead, Copper, Barium, Radium 226 and 228, Mercury, Nitrate, and Cryptosporidium.
* You can choose a Reverse Osmosis system which produces water that is room temperature or water that is chilled. Your Reverse Osmosis system can be attached to your ice maker to give you the best tasting ice cubes.
* A Reverse Osmosis system in your home means you don't have to take trips to water vending machines, and you don't have to buy sports bottles. You can fill your own right at your faucet.
* You'll also have the best tasting tea, coffee, and other beverages you make using your own Reverse Osmosis water.

What are my options for renting or purchasing?

* You can rent or purchase our equipment with no contract.
* A rental unit is $9.99* per month for the first two months. No upkeep on your part is required.
* We accept credit cards

For the United States we can provide filters, membranes and service for most Reverse Osmosis systems including Ultima. We have a Reverse Osmosis service department, at our factory, which can accommodate repairs on units which are shipped to our office: 38 East 5th Avenue, Mesa AZ 85210. Call before shipping to discuss repair fees. 480.969.7251.

Send us a water sample and we will be happy to check the quality of your water at no charge. Be sure to include type of unit and your contact information.

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