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Instant Hot Water System

Our Instant Hot Water System is actually a hot water recirculation (HWR) system that attaches a hot water pump to your hot water heater.

The pump constantly circulates the hot water through the pipes from the hot water heater to the furthest fixtures in your home. The system provides you with instant hot water, whenever you want it.

The system automatically stops the pump once the temperature reaches 95-100 degrees. Ensuring that the water is consistently hot when you are ready to use it.

No more waiting!

In your home, water is pumped from the hot water heater through the pipes and to the tap. Once the tap is shut off, the water remaining in your pipes cools.

When the hot water tap is once again turned on, then you wait And wait. And wait. Until the water coming from the tap is finally hot.

Inexpensive to run.

Our Hot Water System runs on approximately 25 watts of electricity a day. That translates to about 15 cents a month to operate! With the system's timer, you set the system to run only when you need it.

Save time.

Eliminate the wait. The water that flows from your hot water tap will be hot - instantly! No wait, no waste, and no more cold water coming out of your hot water tap. Ever!

Save water, save money.

Every time you wait, 3-4 gallons of water are wasted. For a family of four, that can be as much as 38,000 gallons of water literally down the drain every year - the equivalent of several swimming pools full of water! Your water cost savings can average as much as $95 dollars a year.

Multiplied over a subdivision of 300 homes, just one community can waste millions of gallons of water each year. In an area where water conservation is essential, this system can make all the difference. Call today and ask about this system.

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